11 SECRETS you don’t know about garlic


Garlic is an important part of European cooking, and its strong, spicy flavor is known to make food taste better. Garlic has a strong smell that may turn off some people who love it. But ignoring garlic because of how it smells would be a mistake because it has many health benefits.

The wide range of health benefits garlic has is amazing and completely natural. A lot of people don’t know about the other uses for garlic. For example, putting a garlic clove under your pillow can help you sleep better. Here are 11 unusual ways to use garlic:

Under the Pillow: You can eat garlic, but its sulfur compounds, which are similar to the way it smells, can also help calm the body and fight sleeplessness.

Drink 200 ml of milk, chop up a garlic clove, and add a tablespoon of honey to make a drink that will help you sleep. Warm up the milk and garlic. Then, let it cool down a bit. Finally, add the honey. Drink it about an hour before going to sleep.

Cold Treatment: Garlic has been used for hundreds of years as a natural antibiotic. If you have a cold, boil some water with a chopped clove in it, drain it, add sugar, and drink it every day for a week.

Natural Aphrodisiac: Garlic is a strong aphrodisiac, despite what most people think. Use garlic extracts for the best effects.

Acne: Garlic is a good way to treat acne because it has antibiotic and antibacterial qualities. Before going to bed, put a garlic clove on the area that hurts.

Natural Antiseptic: A garlic clove that has been peeled can be used to clean small cuts and help them heal. It’s not a replacement for medical care, though.

Stop Hair Loss: Allicin in garlic can help stop hair loss. You can put sliced garlic on your hair or a mixture of crushed garlic and olive oil.

To get rid of splinters, put a small piece of garlic on top of the splinter and cover it with a wrap for the night.

Mosquito Repellent: Garlic makes mosquitoes stay away. Mix petroleum jelly, beeswax, and garlic essential oil together to make a spray, or put cloves in places where mosquitoes like to hang out.

Cold Sore Relief: Crushed garlic can help with cold sores because it reduces swelling. Taking extra garlic can also help the body heal faster.

Toothache Relief: If you have a toothache, put crushed garlic mixed with salt on the tooth or just bite into a piece for quick relief.