11 strange and useful ways to use vinegar



4. Putting vinegar in a warm bath:

Vinegar is a good way to clean the body and treat diseases like Candida. Because it is acidic, it helps the body get rid of extra uric acid.

5. Natural Killer of Herbs:

The herbicide acetic acid in vinegar can kill most plants that you don’t want to have around. It will kill the plants in hours if you spray it straight on them.

6. How to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer:

Adding vinegar to water to lower its pH level can make cut flowers last longer and keep bacteria from growing in them. Add the sugar and white vinegar that have been mixed together to the flower water.

7. How to Clean Electronics:

A good way to keep computers, printers, and other electronics working well is to clean them with white vinegar. Turn off the machine, soak a cloth in a mixture of water and white vinegar, squeeze it out well, and clean the surfaces gently.

8. How to Clean Window Blinds:

It can be hard to clean blinds properly, but vinegar can help. Cover your hands with a cotton glove, wet your tips with a mixture of warm water and vinegar, and run your fingers between the blinds. Between each blind, wash your fingers in a bowl of water.

9. How to Get Rid of Furniture Water Marks:

To get rid of water marks on wood, mix equal parts olive oil and white vinegar. Then, dip a cloth in the mixture, wring it out, and rub it on the wood gently.

10. How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains:

Two tablespoons of salt mixed with 120 ml of vinegar should be used on lighter stains. Rub the stain in, let it dry, and then clean. Add two tablespoons of borax to the mix if the spots are bigger or darker.

11. Laundry that is cleaner:

When you do your laundry with white vinegar, it gets rid of spots, makes colors look better, and gives your clothes a nice smell. If you want better results, use vinegar instead of fabric cleaner.

The many uses of vinegar make it an important item in every home because it can be used to do many things in an eco-friendly and inexpensive way.