Boil 5 garlic cloves in a big pot and use as follows: Grandmother made it all winter


You should always have garlic in the kitchen because it is an important nutrient. This plant not only has many health benefits, but its strong smell also makes many foods taste better. Garlic can be used in food, but it can also be used for many other things. Find out what else you can do with it.

As was already said, garlic is very good for your health. This substance is very good at killing germs and viruses. It can also help keep your heart healthy and lower your blood pressure. You can make a lot of tasty recipes with garlic, which also makes other foods taste better. It can be used to season stews and other hot foods, or it can be used to dress salads and other cold foods.

Besides that, garlic can also lower blood sugar. When eaten in the right amounts, garlic is therefore very good for your health. Additionally, garlic is an important part of cooking, but it is also needed for other tasks. Learn more about how to use garlic by following our tips. The end result will be great!

Using garlic to keep lizards and bugs away!
Garlic is useful in many ways, not just the kitchen, as we’ve already said.

Five garlic cloves, 350 ml of water, and two cinnamon sticks are what you need. Bring the garlic cloves to a boil in a pot of water. After that, put in the cinnamon sticks. With this natural cure, you can keep lizards and other bugs away from your home, like mosquitoes and ants.

Pour the solution into a spray bottle after the mixture has cooled down all the way. You can spray the magic garlic blend on all of your plants to keep pests away for good.

You can just put the garlic cloves in the ground if you don’t have time to make this mixture. This will still work. Your plants will still be safe from harmful bugs and pests even if you use this other way.

You can use garlic heads at home whenever you need to as long as you store them correctly. When kept in a cool, dry place, garlic can last for a very long time.

This way of using garlic uses its natural properties to get rid of pests and improve health. It’s a classic way to get the most out of this versatile ingredient.