How to Quickly Eliminate Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Other Insects in Your Home



How to get rid of bed bugs ?

Wash all your linens: Remove the sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase from your bed. Also grab your pillow(s) and take down your curtains. Then, put everything in the washing machine on a hot cycle. Once your laundry is finished, put your bedding in the dryer on very high heat for at least half an hour. Above all, be careful to look at the washing labels carefully because this method only works for cotton materials and not for delicate laundry.
Remove bedbugs from your mattress: After washing all your laundry, do not put them directly back on your mattress as it may be infested with bedbugs. To ensure you properly remove all bedbugs, actively scrub your mattress using a stiff brush. If you think that wasn’t enough, vacuum every surface of your mattress to remove every last critter. Finally, cover your mattress with your fresh linen to sleep peacefully. Be careful, if the contamination is too significant, you must get rid of your mattress. Before throwing it away, wrap it in plastic to avoid infesting the entire house with bedbugs.

How to prevent bedbugs from coming back?

Mix essential oil (clove, cinnamon, tea tree or lavender) with water to an equal level.
Apply the mixture to your furniture, beds and curtains
You can also apply it to other surfaces in your home if needed.
4 – ANTS

Ants are attracted to anything sweet and can quickly invade your home while devouring your food.

The remedy: just as with cockroaches, the most effective natural recipe against ants remains the mixture of boric acid and sugar. The smells of cloves, coffee grounds, paprika, cinnamon or even peppermint will immediately scare away all the ants around your house.
Fruit flies

They are harmless but very annoying. To eliminate them, simply clean the surfaces around the fruit drawer with a cloth dampened in warm water.