My Grandmother's Simple Trick for Threading a Needle: All You Need is a Bottle Cap


Take a standard plastic cap and place it on a table.

Make a small vertical cut on the side of the thread with a cutter.

Then cut a few centimeters of wire and bend it into a loop.

Thread the bent wire through the opening you made in the cap, with the loop outside and the ends inside.

Secure these with a little glue and presto! You now have a needle threader that you can keep in your sewing box!

Slide the loop into the needle eye and then thread the thread through the loop.

All you have to do is wrap the thread once around your needle and remove it from the small loop, and you're done!

How to Use the Palm of Your Hand to Guide a Thread Through a Needle?

Well, for this technique, a simple sleight of hand is enough. We show you what to do:

Place the yarn directly under your index finger on your palm.

Place the needle eye at the level of the thread.

With the back-and-forth movement of the needle, the thread will automatically slip into the hole in a few seconds!

To better understand these methods, here's an explanatory video. You'll find it easier, and one thing leads to another, you'll master the mechanism!

Now that you know these three unstoppable methods, you'll no longer be frustrated by not being able to thread your needle, and you can proceed smoothly with your sewing work! It's simple, efficient, and practical.

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