No more rotten and black bananas after a few days: with this method they will last 2 years


We continue by depriving the fruit of both ends and, without removing the skin, we cut the bananas into pieces that are about two fingers thick. Once this is done, simply obtain one or more  glass jars  of approximately 700 ml and insert the following ingredients in this precise order: a  bay leaf  ; two cloves of  garlic  or two cloves; two slices of  chili pepper  (previously cut); a teaspoon of  coriander seeds  ; a teaspoon of  dill seeds  and a teaspoon of a  pepper mixture  (white pepper, black pepper, green pepper, pink pepper and allspice).

Then we can insert the pieces of banana (in a jar of the size above there will be about a dozen) and another two or three slices of chili pepper. Then we add a teaspoon of  sugar  ; one and a half teaspoons of  salt  ; a teaspoon   of 70%  vinegar and a little hot water  .

How to end the retention process

Before inserting any ingredients that are not churned, it is necessary to  sterilize  them accordingly. First of all, there is a lot of hot water, and you insert a piece of fabric on the inside   to avoid it, you have to insert it on the inside, and you can put it inside. When the contents are filled with all the contents and the containers are simply applied, do not leave everything on the container and it is far sterilized for approximately one minute.


Trascorso il tempo necessario, dovremo onlyamente aciugare i churnatoli, chiuderli  ermeticamente  affiné non entri aria, e riporli in a luogo  fresco  per due anni.