One month before a heart attack – Your body will alert you – Here are 6 symptoms


It's essential to be aware of the early warning signs of heart issues, as heart attacks are a leading cause of death globally. A combination of lifestyle factors, stress, and diet contribute significantly to heart health. Recognizing symptoms early can be a crucial step in getting timely medical intervention. Here are six symptoms that might signal heart problems, potentially appearing months before a heart attack:

Dizziness: Continuous dizziness can be a sign of inadequate blood supply to the brain due to poor heart function. If you're experiencing persistent dizziness, it's important to seek medical attention.

Chest Pain or Pressure: Regular chest pain, especially if it's increasing in frequency and duration, is a common symptom of heart problems. This pain or pressure is a signal to consult a healthcare professional.

Frequent Illness: Repeated colds or flu-like symptoms could indicate a weakened immune system. If these are accompanied by other heart-related symptoms, they might signify underlying heart issues.

Unexplained Fatigue:

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