With This Simple Do-It-Yourself Cleaner, Your Oven Will Shine Like New!

Hey everyone! As you prepare and reheat mouthwatering dishes, your oven works tirelessly in the kitchen. Its luster and cleanliness could diminish over time. I discovered a great alternative to using harsh chemicals - an all-natural oven cleaning that is equally effective as store-bought alternatives.

This is all that is required:

1/4 cup of mild dish soap—choose a mild soap that is strong enough to remove oil without irritating the skin.

Use the natural acidity of half a cup of lemon juice for a better cleaning and a fresh aroma.

An eco-friendly cleanser that dissolves stubborn residues: 1 cup of vinegar.

To maintain a balanced solution, add 1 and 1/4 cups of water.

Just follow these simple instructions:

This is all that is required:

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