How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock: 5 Tricks to Avoid Dismantling Everything


First Trick

If the key is stuck with the door open, look for keys with a very thin tip and insert one of the scissor tips from the opposite side (i.e., inside the house) until it contacts the key.

Push inward so that the key comes out completely. If you don't get everything out, you can use pliers to pull it out completely.

Second Trick

This trick is similar to the previous one, but instead of scissors, we use another key.

By inserting it into the inside lock, the stuck key is pushed outward.

Third Trick

It was all the rage on social media because it was so effective. The key must be standing vertically. Heat a piece of silicone with a lighter until it melts. Immediately place the loose silicone on the lock where the key is stuck.

Press firmly for a minute until the silicone cools down. Then pull back the silicone so that the key comes out. Do not pull too hard to prevent the silicone from tearing.