How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock: 5 Tricks to Avoid Dismantling Everything


Minor accidents can happen anywhere and every day. Sometimes due to poor maintenance, manufacturing faults, or too much haste. One of the most common accidents is breaking a key and getting it stuck in the lock.

The worst part of this problem is that the solution cannot be postponed when it happens with house keys. Before you call a locksmith, try these tricks to remove a broken key from the lock without having to dismantle everything.

First Trick

You only need a very strong magnet. If the key is stuck in a vertical position, it is very easy to remove.

Apply some lubricant on it, then take the magnet and place it on the key so that it can act. The key should stick to the magnet and come out easily.

Second Trick

You need needle-nose pliers or scissors with very thin tips. Lubricate the area around the key and then use pliers or scissors to grasp the end of the key protruding from the lock.

Try to gently pull out the key. Perform this movement gradually, without pulling hard: you risk pushing the key deeper into the lock.

If the key has broken in the lock but the door has remained open, you can try one of the following tricks.

First Trick

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