How To Make Sweet And Flaky Cream Puffs


Probably, when you think about cream puffs, you think of a delicacy that is often offered at upscale restaurants. And although cream puffs are a wonderful, flaky, sweet delicacy, you don't have to be a pastry master to create your own. A really easy recipe from food blogger In The Kitchen With Matt makes cream puffs that are much superior than the frozen ones we've all purchased in the past!

This dish calls for shells of crispy, flaky pastry stuffed with handmade custard. All of the cupboard basics—butter, salt, flour, eggs, vanilla, sugar, and heavy whipping cream—can be used to make this dish, which is excellent. You can get by with a hand mixer alone; sophisticated kitchen equipment is not necessary.


For the cream puff pastry:

Half a cup butter without salt
1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp salt 1 cup all-purpose flour
Four rather big eggs
To the cream filling:

TWO cups heavy cream
1/4 cup unsifted sugar
tsp vanilla essence

Getting the Pastry Ready