Recipe in 5 minutes! The biscuits melt in your mouth! So good even without eggs and yeast!💯😋😍


Craving something sweet that melts in your mouth but short on time? Look no further! This super quick, 5-minute recipe will guide you through making the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits you’ve ever tasted. Perfect for unexpected guests, a last-minute dessert craving, or a fun cooking activity with kids. Let’s dive in and whip up these heavenly treats with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction!

Butter weighing 250 grams
eight grams of sugar with vanilla
a little bit of salt

70 grams of cheese that can be spreadable
300 grammes of flour in addition to soft sugar


The first step is to combine the butter that has been softened with the vanilla sugar and a little bit of salt. In order to get a creamy consistency, thoroughly combine all of the components.........

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